Dekoni’s Bulletz are our memory foam ear tip solution to all your in ear monitor and true wireless needs. The Gemini series has a 3mm bore size which fits Shure, Etymotic and Klipsch among others. The Mercury has a 4.9mm bore size which fits about 75% of the buds on the market today. We have also added the TWS series which like the Mercury have a 4.9mm bore size, but are shorter tips for sport and true wireless use. These will fit inside most charging packs for your tru wireless buds. All of our Bulletz models use dense memory form which creates a strong seal in your ear to prevent sound leakage. To put them in (after attaching to your buds) simply roll them between thumb and pointer finger until they condense and then place in the ear canal. Allow them a few seconds to expand and seal, and voila, you’re ready for an enhanced listening experience. When you take them out at the end of the day, and they look a little funky (we all produce earwax, its okay!) simply wipe them off with a non-alcoholic cloth, or with a little soap and warm water (do not submerge them, as that will cause them to lose their density more quickly), and let them dry on a paper towel. Once they dry, they’re ready for the next days listening. Unlike other memory foam tips, these will not flake off and leave black foam residue in your ear or on the towel. After 1-3 months you can expect the foam will start losing its density, and it will be time to replace them and put in a new pair. Enjoy your new Dekoni ear tips.

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