A: Headphones are great and are a big part of a lot of people’s lives. We also spend a lot of money on headphones and expect them to last years and years.   Like most things we buy some parts wear out before others and the first part of any pair of headphones that will wear out are the ear pads. From constant use the oils on our body begin to wear away at them and we can see telltale signs from the cheap construction pleather flaking off to the pad itself becoming discolored and even tearing. In some cases, if the headphones are used while working out, they can begin to smell and no one wants to show their friends the favorite new song only to be turned away because your headphones smell!

A: We manufacture our pads to exact specs for many different models of headphones available today and for other legacy headphones that people continue to love but have pads that are deteriorated and old. We also offer many pads in a Velour fabric, high tech memory foam, multiple colors, and the softest leather your ears have ever experienced. What sets us apart from the competition is that we are music lovers ourselves and have been struggling with comfort and quality for years with our own headphones. We set about to create a product that you will not only enjoy for it’s comfort and quality but also looks great and can add some flair to your style when you get our platinum pads.

A: We offer pads for many different models of headphones. Just go to our product page to see the various models currently available. Check back often because we are always adding new models to the list! If you don’t want to scroll up, you can just click here.

A: Dekoni Audio Guarantees all our products free from manufacturers defects for life. We stand by our products and our customers. If you feel that Earpadz by Dekoni Audio just aren’t for you then you have 2 weeks to return them to the dealer you purchased them from for a full refund.

A: Right now our focus is on earpadz and on your listening experience. Check back often for updates and keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter Feed, and other social media outlets for new product announcements and updates. There will be more to come for sure!

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