Dekoni Platinum Series Replacement Ear Pads for Fostex TH-X00 Series Headphones



Building upon their TH-900 series and in collaboration with Massdrop, Fostex created one of the most desireable high end headphones for the budget conscious audiophile.  Coming in Ebony, Mahogany, and Purpleheart Editions, the X00 was widely regarded as the best value in audiophile headphones across the community. Dekoni teamed up with Massdrop to create 5 enhanced ear pads to elevate your listening experience.  These pads are a must have for X00 owners.

Dekoni Platinum Protein Leather series is the original Dekoni premium Ear Pad line.  Released in 2016, this is part of Dekoni’s legacy. Using ultra slow rebound memory foam, Dekoni’s quality and comfort is unmatched in the audiophile and working musician world.  This high quality vegetarian synthetic leather is soft to the touch and more comfortable than most stock pads and offers improved isolation. This allows you to listen longer without ear fatigue.

These fit the Massdrop TH-X00, THR-X00,  Fostex T50rp, and Dekoni Blue Headphones

These Massdrop by Fostex X00 and Dekoni Blue Pads are available in:

Elite Sheepskin

Elite Hybrid

Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin

Elite Velour

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Dekoni TH-X00 PL