Dekoni Audio Ear Pads fit Audeze LCD Series Headphones – Elite Velour


Dekoni Audio Ear Pads fit Audeze LCD Series Headphones – Elite Velour


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The Audeze LCD Collection is one of the finest series’ of Planar Magentic headphones created. There are 8 variants Starting with the LCD-2 going all the way up to the LCD-4 and LCD-4z. Other Headphones in the line up that these fit are the LCD-3, LCD-XC, LCD-X, LCD2 Classic, and the LCD-MX4. Dekoni Audio has been designing this ear pad for the Audeze LCD series in response to a vast demand for replacement pads. This ear pad set comes in Super Soft Sheepskin, Fenstrated Sheepskin, Dekoni Elite Velour, and a Hybrid pad that is the best of all the variants.

Dekoni Audio Does not recommend using our pads with the LCD4 or the LCD-4z without first installing the original Audeze Spacers that come with the stock pads.  Failure to do so could potentially damage your drivers.  Dekoni Audio Will not be responsible for any damage resulting from using our products without the spacers installed.

The Elite Velour Model will take this headphone to a new level of comfort and long term wearability. Dekoni is known for comfort and the Elite Velour line is no different. These pads bring everything you want from a velour pad (breathability and softness) without the isolation and frequency loss attributed to most velour pads.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Headphone: Audeze LCD2-C

    To me the LCD2-C; while good, they are not perfect. I purchased them with the expectation of being warm and gentle in the presence region of the spectrum. Something that would be a little easier going than my HD800. By in large they are much more friendly than the HD800. More heft down low, less bright at the top end. But around what seems about 1.5KHz I found the LCD2-C to be rather shouty and very fatiguing to my ears. Very bothersome to say the least. So much so that I felt like they do not fulfill the role of the gentle giant I’d hoped they would be.

    Que the Dekoni Elite Velour pads. Install was easy, aside from removing the old glue that remained on the headphones from the stock pads. The memory foam makes these a large step up from the stock pads in terms of comfort. They also look completely stock and fit perfectly.
    Now the sound. To my ears these pads transform the LCD2-C’s. The 1.5KHz region is tamed just enough. Treble feels more coherent and smooth. Mid bass is elevated a little. Bass and sub bass seem to be largely the same as the stock pads. All in all a much more mature sound that remains true to the character of the stock configuration but with improved tonality. These pads make the LCD2-C the gentle giant I have always wanted them to be.

    Highly recommend these pads for the Audeze LCD2-C

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