Dekoni Audio Beats Studio 2.0 Elite Sheepskin Ear Pad Set


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The most popular headphone line in the world, Beats by Dre is not just a headphone but a lifestyle brand.  The Studio 2.0 built on the original Beats Studio model legacy with improved sound quality. Dekoni’s pads help increase both isolation and comfort, and are a must have to make your Studio’s even more luxurious and enjoyable.

After the wide success of Dekoni’s Platinum Protein series, we wanted to expand into an even higher quality material to create an unparalleled ear pad in both sound quality and comfort.  When you take the soft, supple sheepskin and wrap it in the densest slow rebounding memory foam, you increase isolation, comfort and sound stage. You can expect a nice boost in both high’s and low’s with Elite Sheepskin pads.  The sheepskin and foam wrap and create a tight (but not too tight) seal on your head, even if you wear glasses, to ensure that our discerning listeners have a great headphone experience. Dekoni Elite Sheepskin is the ultimate piece of ear pad luxury. What sets Dekoni apart from the herd is they tune every pad they make to specific headphones so you know you’re getting an upgrade and not just a replacement.


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