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Good living Dekoni fans, today we wanted to share a review by corgifall on our Bulletz for Airpods Pro. You can check it out below or see the original post here.

ProsComfort of long listening sessions. Long lasting foam life. Fits in the charging case.
ConsLike other foam tips. Will need to be replaced at some point.

I wanna give a shout out to Dylan from Dekoni audio for allowing me to test out the new bulletz. This kind act doesn’t affect my opinions in this review.

The stock AirPods Pro come with a proprietary silicone tip that clicks onto the Pros vs a standard nozzle like other TWS/iems. While a good chunk of people will most likely be fine with the the stock tips, I personally can’t stand them and had many issues with sealing and comfort using the stock tips. I saw a few foam tips on amazon but never cared to try them. The only foam tips I willingly use are the mercury bulletz from Dekoni and I tend to only use those when none of my go to silicone tips work with an iem or tws I’m using or testing. Once I saw the announcement for the AirPods Pro version I was super stocked.

On to the review!

Packaging- The new bulletz come in single packs as well as a three pack. I really dig the way the little single packs look. The three pack looks like the standard bulletz packaging but they mixed the formula up a bit and went with an all black and white design vs the teal and white design from my mercury bulletz packaging.

Material- It’s a foam tip…. Well it’s got a little twist than say the generic foams or comply foams you normally see. With normal foam tips you have to squeeze the foam and then stuff it into your ear while waiting what feels like forever to expand, the bulletz line up uses a slightly stiffer foam and has a different texture as well. While you can go old school and do the ol “squeeze, insert and wait” method, you can also just stuff them in your ears like a normal silicon tip and the bulletz will “bite” and hold in place. Which is fantastic if you need to remove them and reinsert them quickly. These also come with a mesh “wax guard” installed like the stock apple tips which is a nice touch. While I don’t recommend it, I like to live life on the edge so I removed the mesh.

Comfort and fit- The bulletz for the AirPods Pro are super comfy! I had all kinds of issues with the Pros either not staying in my ears or requiring a deeper fit (largest size stock tips) which caused my ears pure hate towards me. I can just stuff the Pros with the bulletz in my ears and go. Like 3-5 hours with no irritation and minimal heat irritation from the foam tips. The sizing is fairly accurate compared to the stock tips. They follow the same oval shape as the stock Apple tips so If you’re using the medium size stock tip then order the bulletz in a medium. I’m using the largest size and they fit perfectly into the charging case.

Foam lifespan- While I haven’t had these AirPods pro version long enough to comment on lifespan I can say these look exactly the same as the normal bulletz tips I’ve used for a long time. I can make a set of those last a good 5-6 months no problem and these can be washed. Just rinse with water and let them dry. To me this is a super long life span as I can easily murder comply and most generic foams in a month or two from normal use.

Sound changes- This will be short as I didn’t notice any real sound changes. Maybe a little bit of extra low end but nothing that pops out. There was no change in sound between the mesh wax guard they have installed vs it removed either. The anc works perfectly fine with the foams and the same goes for the transparency mode. The seal test on iPhones works perfectly fine too with these installed.

Overall thoughts
I really dig these. I wasn’t using my AirPods as much due to the comfort issues I was having. Pricing on the bulletz is $14.99 for the single pack and $29.99 for the three pack. Pricing is fair in my opinion and after using the new Dekoni bulletz for the AirPods Pro I can easily call these a real winner. Even if you find the silicone tips fine I would highly recommend giving the bulletz a go. If you were like me and find the comfort of the AirPods Pro atrocious then these could very well save the day. Thanks for reading!


Whats up Dekoni Fans.

With the launch of our new Bulletz for AirPods Pro comes reviews. Our good friend Zeos over at Z reviews took a few minutes to explain what the AirPods Pro means to an audiophile and what Dekoni Bulletz can add to that package.

You can pick up a pair for yourself right here!

Check it out. CONTENT WARNING: Vulgar Language