Dekoni Elite Sheepskin Ear Pads for Fostex TH-X00

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Only Available on Massdrop


Fresh off the success of its premium line of memory-foam ear pads, Dekoni Audio has designed a set to match the sound and style of the Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 headphones. Using your choice of high-grade protein leather or ultra-soft sheepskin, these pads provide a breathable, cushioned, enveloped feel for hours of fatigue-free listening, while leaving you with enough isolation to enjoy your favorite records. Under the outer layer of comfort, the memory foam has a super-slow rebound time, adhering to every curve on your head and blocking out unwanted sounds. You might forget you’re wearing headphones at all! Plus, since everyone at Dekoni wears glasses, this was taken into account when designing the pads. Made specifically for the Massdrop community, these ear pads can’t be found anywhere else, and swapping them in is easy: Simply take the plastic ring off your existing pads and insert it into your new pads before installation. They’re also compatible with the Fostex TH-500RP, TH-610, and TH-900; the Denon DX000 series; and the EMU Teak.

Only Available on Massdrop

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