Dekoni Audio EPZ-AKG-K-PL Platinum Memory Foam Ear pads fit AKG K series Headphones


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Dekoni Audio wanted to design an ear pad that is both comfortable and has excellent sound isolation qualities.
What they came up with is the Platinum protein leather collection that is made from high tech memory foam wrapped in the finest, softest protein leather we could find. This is all to insure a tight, well isolated fit for your current headphones and are designed to bring you closer to what it is you are listening to and allow you to listen longer.

This earpad is a perfect fit for the AKG K series of headphones as they are headphones that are battle tested and people like to keep around.  Why not upgrade those old cans with a new set of Ear Pads and listen the Dekoni way.

Try these on your Beyerdynamic DT series and T9 as well!

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1 review for Dekoni Audio EPZ-AKG-K-PL Platinum Memory Foam Ear pads fit AKG K series Headphones

  1. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Installed these as a replacement ear pad for my AKG 553Pro. They are fabulously comfortable and seem to to breath a bit better than the old pads which could get hot at times. The noise isolation has GREATLY improved also. Looks wise, the Dekoni pads with a mat black finish looks MUCH better then the stock shiny faux leather. Clearly these are much better made than the stock pads.

    Now, for the not so good (but still pretty good) part. The sound signature of the AKG 553 has changed a bit. The treble does seem a bit more muted and the sound stage diminished to a fair degree. These used to be considered an open sounding closed headphone. I’m finding I need to turn the volume up a bit more with these pads installed. In comparison with the old pads, the Dekoni memory foam is heavier and denser. This has to be the reason for the sound difference.

    These are slightly smaller (1/4″) in diameter (O.D) than the stock pads but went on easily in 15 seconds once you get the technique. You have to start by inserting the leather lip of the ear-pad in the small notch in the driver housing then just keep feeding it with rotation until the pad is installed 360 degrees.

    I put $49 pads on a headphone that cost me $115 but I wouldn’t have been able sell them with the pads in bad condition. So these Dekoni pads have likely quadrupled the life of my 553’s and given them new life.

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