A Short Essay on The Dekoni Blue and Why it Exists

So people have been speculating on the Dekoni Blue and what we did to the Stock headphone to make Fostex take notice and agree to make it for us.   We’re the only company who Fostex has agreed to produce a modified T50RP MKiii for and I think that says a lot.  It is said that they made the MK3 because of the overwhelming demand for the modded MK2 over stock.  Instead of realizing that people just like to make [...]


So you want some Focal Measurements with the Dekoni Audio Ear Pads?

OK Dekoni Fans, Here’s the latest frequency graph of the all-new FOCAL ear pads we just released.  I have these tested on an Elear headphone, just so you know.  You’ll notice, right off the bat, the differences are all very subtle for the most part as you can see from the below graph showing all the 4 variants we make PLUS the stock.  The biggest change comes in the higher registers which I’ll get to shortly.   First up is the [...]