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A Short Essay on The Dekoni Blue and Why it Exists

So people have been speculating on the Dekoni Blue and what we did to the Stock headphone to make Fostex take notice and agree to make it for us.   We’re the only company who Fostex has agreed to produce a modified T50RP MKiii for and I think that says a lot.  It is said that they made the MK3 because of the overwhelming demand for the modded MK2 over stock.  Instead of realizing that people just like to make [...]


So you want some Focal Measurements with the Dekoni Audio Ear Pads?

OK Dekoni Fans, Here’s the latest frequency graph of the all-new FOCAL ear pads we just released.  I have these tested on an Elear headphone, just so you know.  You’ll notice, right off the bat, the differences are all very subtle for the most part as you can see from the below graph showing all the 4 variants we make PLUS the stock.  The biggest change comes in the higher registers which I’ll get to shortly.   First up is the [...]

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Dekoni Audio Sennheiser HD800 Ear Pad Frequency Extravaganza!!

So here we are again everyone.  It’s time to inspect the Dekoni Audio HD800 Ear Pads and see where they lie in the “spectrum” of things.  This is a pad we’ve been working on for a long time and I’m personally proud of the way they sound and the way they feel.  The first thing I will say is that the Sennheiser HD800 has a peak at around 5khz that has always bugged me.  It seemed out of place [...]

Frequency Response Curve and the NEW Dekoni Sennheiser HD600 Pads

Ok, here it is.  The long-awaited Frequency Comparison charts for the Dekoni Audio HD600 Ear pads.  Careful analysis and hours of listening go into our ear pads and we stand by our models as the best of the best as far as replacement ear pads go.  I’m going to just jump right into it.   I will say, before I continue, that you should always give new pads a few days of listening to get used to them before issuing any [...]

Dekoni Audio Fostex X00 Ear Pad on

So here we are in the middle of another run of the X00 Pad from us, Dekoni Audio on Massdrop  I wanted to personally reach out again and Show some frequency graphs of some comparing I did.  I’ve been testing and tweaking as we design in our lab and we have some really great things coming.  I wanted to show the sonic differences in between the options here as they appear in an objective (as close as we can [...]


Frequency Response and the Fostex X00 Headphone with Dekoni Audio Earpads

So I did a comparison of the frequency response of the Fostex X00 Headphone between the different pads available from us on Stock for reference vs the Sheepskin and the Premium Protein Leather. If you look you will see they are very close in db going up from about 500hz. The horizontal lines equal 6db and every 6db you go up or down the “volume” is doubled and it’s exponential.  86db is twice as loud as 80db.  3db [...]


How important are replacement ear pads on your headphones?

Ear pads are the difference between comfortable and un-comfortable headphones.  They can make or break a decision and trump other merits such as sound quality and brand preference.  Dekoni Audio Ear Pads are made to be the most comfortable ear pads available and the use of quality protein leather and memory foam we feel our pads have the ability to upgrade your old headphones and breath new life into them.  Some headphone ear pads tend to flake and come [...]


Earpad’s don’t have to be boring

For me, earpads are the first thing I think of in the morning! Replacement earpads are something I’ve been interested in ear pads since i smelled my first pair of headphones after a few months on the road.  I won’t name any names but the pads started to disintegrate and the odor was getting funky.  I thought it was going to give me an ear infection!  I started to look and see what was out there.  If I was going [...]